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Alpha Omega produced a series of devices that were used to calibrate production line test equipment. The calibration devices connected to a collection of instruments and computers that were initially carried individually to the production line test site and then connected together to run the tests. This was a time consuming process that interfered with production line operation. Our customer came to us with the idea that all of the associated instruments could be collected together in a preassembled stand-alone portable test unit, and wanted AO to design and produce these test carts.


We started with the initial idea and expanded it to produce a test cart that contained a VXI computer chassis, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The calibration tool electronic interface was installed and permanently wired to the computer. A large Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) was included to allow the system to operate for hours on batteries. An extension cord reel on the back allowed the unit to operate from the AC power mains and provided power to recharge the batteries. AO also produced a complete set of assembly documentation for the product.


The test equipment carts worked as expected and greatly streamlined the production line calibration procedure.

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