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A manufacturer of bar code scanners hired Alpha Omega to produce three pieces of test equipment to be used on their production lines. The customer had preliminary "engineering bench" designs but needed a quantity of the units suitable for use in the production facility.


We started with the general ideas that the customer presented and created the circuitry and assemblies, using stock parts from the actual production units where possible to reduce costs. We designed simple, inexpensive and rugged packaging for the assemblies.

The laser power supply presented a special challenge. The special test connector had to provide safe and reliable high voltage connections to the unit under test. We had to switch the 3500VDC output on after the unit under test was connected and off again as it was unconnected. Startup voltages could be as high as 6000VDC so special precautions were necessary for circuit board layout and wiring inside the unit.


Alpha Omega produced and delivered a quantity of the test units. They served their purpose well on the production line.