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Our customer needed a fixture for use in testing a calibrating instrument. AO had already produced many similar devices for this customer.


The flex-circuit device shown is an assembly produced by our customer for calibration of part of their production process. We produced a work stand which permits access for testing after assembly of the calibration circuit, and it also makes connection to the flex circuit for power, test signals, and interface signals for program loading to configure the device.

The large white handle operates a press having features that match the flex assembly. Guided motion of the press loads the flex assembly against a support frame, and against spring-pin electrical contacts. Slight over travel of the mechanism implements a simple lock down action.

The stand is built with legs and rubber feet on both sides, so that it's easy to work on either side of the circuit assembly under test. A companion "junction box" breaks out numerous connections to the test stand.


The test stand simplified calibration of the production line test instruments.