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Alpha Omega has produced a variety of oceanographic instruments. Based upon this history we were asked to provide a replacement electronics upgrade package for aging Vector Averaging Current Meters (VACM).


Alpha Omega had recently designed a data logger that could be installed into the existing VACM chassis. We had to improvise an interface to the water velocity and direction sensors in the existing equipment. After some research to determine signal levels and timing we produced a circuit board to provide the necessary circuits, and added a PCMCIA card socket to allow the data to be stored in an easily removable memory module that replaced the magnetic tape cassette recorder in the original unit. The resulting electronics package and batteries occupied only about ¼ of the space of the original electronics in the large metal pressure case.


The modified VACMs obtained data for oceanographic researchers. Our experience with the original very expensive and outdated VACM led to the development of Alpha Omega's low cost VACM.